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The Bhakti Center

Placenta Works

The Merkaba Movement

The Merkaba Movement

Placenta Works 

Brenda Marie Ojala

Certified Placenta Encapsulation-Alchemy Specialist & Mentor
Certified Master Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master,
Certified Hypnobirthing® Practitioner,  Counselor, Intuitive guide,
and Educator
The founder, Brenda Ojala, has in-joyed her journey with her company,
Placenta Works for 14 years, by offering new moms the service of placenta
remedies for their postpartum wellness. While it has been rewarding
connecting these postpartum moms to the tree of life, which connected
them and their babe during the growth stage within, Brenda's desire to
further help people connect and heal their inner selves became undeniable. 
Seven years ago, this started the new leg of her journey of service to self and
others ….from within.  Brenda has learned on a much deeper level that the roots of
healing are truly within you, and with that, she now uniquely blends healing therapies
utilizing modalities such as hypnotherapy, energy balancing, intuitive guidance, emotion code healing, aromatherapy, HypnoBirthing®, and several others customized for you. Through her unique approach, she can bring you to a place of true healing through deep reflection, inner awareness and connection to your self and others.  She is now doing this at a capacity to service more of humanity at deeper levels and rapidly through The Merkaba Movement and Community.


What Others Have Shared...

Brenda was awesome; especially since she came on such short notice and worked through the night. I’ve been recommending her to every pregnant woman I meet, the OBGYN practice, and my lactation consultant. Thanks so much!

Oak Island, NC



Jacksonville, NC

I was stuck at the hospital which left my fiance to coordinate with Brenda. He had never gotten a chance to even speak with her before they met and he was immediately impressed with how professional and personable she is. She explained every step of the process for him and everything she did was customized for me, as an individual with my own set of needs. I surprised her last minute with a change of plans - I needed her services 3 weeks earlier than we had originally planned - and Brenda went out of her way to make sure she could be here for us/me. Just by talking to her briefly over the phone, you realize that she absolutely loves what she is doing, which made me feel very confident.

Brenda and her team are amazing! They are so knowledgeable about placenta encapsulation and its benefits. Brenda was ninja-like, coming in to process my placenta while I napped with the baby and leaving all of my products neatly displayed on my counter top for when I woke up!

Wimington, NC


Wilmington, NC

Brenda did a nice job of making this experience personal. She was confident and knowledgeable. This isn't her's a passion and that made all the difference.


Savannah, GA

The only thing that could improve placenta encapsulation services, is if there were more specialists like Brenda Ojala. Everything was perfect!


Myrtle Beach, NC

Working with Brenda was one I the best decisions I made.  She was very professional and very pleasant to be around. 


Wimington, NC

Brenda was very courteous and performed her task quickly and with minimal disruption to our routine. 


Fayetteville, NC

Brenda was amazing!  Very friendly and professional.  So happy with her services and will do it again if the opportunity comes.  Thank you!


Brenda respected my home and kept her work area clean. Her communication was awesome.

Boiling Spring Lakes, NC


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